Paul B. Kantor. Distinguished Professor Rutgers University School of Communication, Information and Library Studies. Director: Rutgers Distributed Laboratory for Digital Libraries (1998-); Alexandria Project Laboratory (1991-); Chief Scientist, Tantalus Inc. Member: Rutgers Center for Operations Research (RUTCOR); Center for Discrete Mathematics and Computer Sciences (DIMACS). Mailing Address: 4 Huntington St. New Brunswick NJ 08901. Email: HomePage Biographical Listing: Who’s Who in America 2000.

Formal Education AB, 1959 (Summa cum laude). Columbia University. Physics and Mathematics. PhD, 1963. Princeton University. Theoretical Physics.

Special Areas Of Interest. Information retrieval and filtering systems and evaluation. Distributed Detection and Decision. Quantum computation. The networked information environment and the value of information.

Honors Received: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (2000)

Fulbright Research Fellowship. Oslo Norway. (Spring 2000).

Best Paper Award, Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing. (1995).

American Society of Information Science, Best JASIS paper award, 1989 (with A. Chamis, T. Saracevic and D. Trivisson).

Distinguished Visiting Research Scholar, Online Center for Library Computing (OCLC) (1987 July­December).

Distinguished Service Award, Management Information Systems Research Center, University of Minnesota, 1986.

Employment History: Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University 2001; Professor (1991-2001); President, Tantalus Inc. (1976-now); Associate Professor, School of Library and Information, Case-Western Reserve University (1972-1976); Assistant-Associate Prof. Physics (CWRU (1967-1972); Visiting Asst. Prof. Physics, SUNY Stony Brook (1965-1967); Research Associate, Brookhaven Nat. Labs (!963-1965).

Significant Professional and/or University Affiliations: Editor-in-chief Information Retrieval, Kluwer Academic Press. 1998. Member Editorial Board: JASIS, Information Processing and Management. Member, Rutgers Center for Operations Research (RUTCOR) Affiliate, High Performance Computing in Design (Comp. Sci.) Member: Am. Stat Assn; IEEE; ASIS; Am Phys Soc; SPIE; ACM and numerous scientific and professional organizations. Chair: Rutgers User Centered Internet Initiative Strategic Working Group

b. Five Relevant Publications:

"Pheromonic Representations of User Quests by Digital Structures". Endre Boros, Paul B. Kantor, David Neu (1999). To appear in Proceedings of the 1999 Annual conference of the American Society for Information Science.

Kantor, P.B. Quantum Message Disruption: A Two-State Model

"An experimental Evaluation of Task Scheduling on Reconfigurable Multicomputer Architectures" with Woods, WA, Moser, HD, and Frieder, O. Journal of Computer Science and Engineering 10(4)244-254. (Oct. 1995). [*Note:This paper was one of several selected as best papers in the PDCS conference]

"Counterexamples in distributed detection" Cherikh, M.; Kantor, P.B. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory vol.38, no.1 p. 162­5 ( Jan. 1992).

Some Other Publications

(1994). "Information Retrieval Techniques."Annual Review of Information Science. M. Williams (ed.), pp. 53-90. (chapter in book)

(1993). "The adaptive network library interface: A historical overview and interim report." Library Hi-Tech, vol. 11(3), issue 43, pp. 81-92. (article in a refereed journal)

(1986) "Information retrieval in the design of expert systems." In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, pp109-118, 1986.

(1986) "Three studies of cost and services at academic libraries," Advances in Library Administration and Organization, V5p221-285, 1986.

(1986) "Is Hilbert space too large?" Physical Review Letters V56(14)pp1437-1440, April 7, 1986

Recent and In Progress Research: Recent research projects in reverse chronological order include:

Semantic Dimensionality and Effective Data Fusion for Information Retrieval (NSF).

A Novel Approach to Information Finding in Networked Environments. (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Exploration of Variable Pricing for Online Services at Research Libraries. Council on Library Resources.

The Efficiency of Research Libraries: A New Analytical Tool and Pilot Study Using 1995 ARL Data. Council on Library Resources.

d. Students and Post-docs supervised or directed recently.

Myung Ho Kim; Vladimir Menkov; Ulukbek Ibraev; Ying Sun; Kennedy, Lynn, Rutgers University; Kim, Kyunghye, Rutgers University; Neu, D. Rutgers; University; Ng, Kwong Bor, Rutgers University; Schattman, J, Rutgers University; Shim, Wonsik, Rutgers University; Zhao S-Y, Ford Foundation; Zhao, D. Rutgers University

Total Number of Graduate Students advised as Thesis Director: 8. Total number of post-docs supervised: (2).

  1. Dissertation Adviser: Sam B. Treiman, Princeton University (deceased). Post-Doctoral Supervisor: Gian-Carlo Wick (deceased).