Love makes the world go round. But it takes mathematics to network in the Information Age. From Google to Facebook; from YouTube to Netflix; from Napster to Amazon -- every part of this Web 2.0 world is built on a foundation of mathematics. Come find out how it all is done. You don't have to be a math whiz to join us as we use some thinking and calculations to grasp graphs, vectors, matrices, and page rank, but you do have to want to understand how the Internet and the World Wide Web really work. This course is approved to satisfy one of your Core Mathematics requirements.

About the Instructor:

Paul Kantor, Information Science - see more about Professor Kantor at this website below (as an FAA licensed pilot, he understands that your first year of college is all about how smooth your takeoffs and landings are!)

About the course:

We will use Web technology to enhance the process of studying, examinations, and completing your assignments.

About the textbook.

We won't ask you to pay $120 for a textbook that will be out-of-date in 6 months anway, so instead we'll ask you to keep apace with your excellent note-taking on our lectures, slides, and reference materials that will give you everything you need to ace the exams.